But Why Kelp?

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You know kelp? That slimy ocean stuff that washes up on shore? Or that you only see in nature documentaries and Finding Nemo as a great ocean forest? What’s that kelp good for?

Well, people eat it. And put it in healthy things. And use it in toothpaste.

But why kelp? Well, it’s got great nutrients, including calcium (10x more than milk), iron, magnesium, and manganese, to name a few. It’s especially rich in iodine. All while being low in calories.

Plus, it’s getting more popular all the time, and you might want to start using it too in your business. Here’s just a few ways people are using kelp:

Kelp Meals

Kelp and seaweed are great in food, especially seafood and Japanese dishes. Check out this great slideshow of yummy looking kelp food from bon appetit. Or these smooth smoothies from Ocean Approved. But you don’t even need a recipe to make a smoothie kelp-approved, just sprinkle some kelp powder purchased from a spice wholesaler or herb distributer near you into your favorite blend.

Kelp can also be used to replace noodles. No, you don’t just stick some kelp leaves in your bowl and chow down. Instead you can buy (or make) noodles made of kelp. Here’s some great recipes made with kelp noodles.

Kelp Snacks

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Kelp’s good for a snack, just dried and snapped off with your teeth. It’s especially popular as a snack in Japan, but it’s catching on in western countries too. And not only is kelp a great snack, but it’s healthy too with lots of nutrients and low calories, according to this article in Elle.

Kelp Toothpaste

Kelp’s good for toothpaste. No, I don’t mean toothpaste flavored like kelp. Kelp extracts like agar, alginate and carrageenan are used to thicken toothpaste and other things like soap and lotions.

Kelp Supplements

If you want the benefits of kelp without putting weird green stuff in your food, you can get kelp supplements. That gives you a good source of iodine. And some people think it might help you lose weight. But what isn’t supposed to help you lose weight?

Kelp Spas

If you’re looking to detox, go to a spa and get a seaweed wrap. It’ll also help get rid of dead skin and help you keep moisturized.

Kelp Cleaning

Here’s something you probably didn’t know kelp’s good for—Cleaning up loose TNT. Donald Cheney at Northeastern University in Boston developed this strain of kelp with the hope of helping the Navy clean up weapon’s testing sites. This particular kelp has to be genetically engineered, but even the normal kind can soak up pollution around fisheries.

Final word? Kelp may sound weird and exotic. But it’s popular. And it could make some of your products more interesting and better yet, more nutritious.

But Why Kelp?

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