Health benefits of Cloves, known for centuries

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Did you know that benefits of clove were well known even centuries ago. According to archaeological findings in Syria, cloves were used even around 1721 BC. In ancient times, Indian Ayurvedic experts used cloves to treat respiratory and digestive problems.

The earliest mention of clove use is from China’s Han Dynasty. It dates back around 207 BC to 220 AD, where court visitors to the emperor were required to hold clove in their mouth to save the ruler from bad breath. Traditional Chinese medical practitioners also used cloves to treat indigestion, diarrhea and fungal infections.

Cloves reached Europe during the 4th century BC, by the virtue of few Arab traders. Europeans immediately started using clove to treat indigestion, flatulence, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

As its use grew other health benefits of clove also started gaining importance. People started using cloves to treat hiccups, dental emergencies, cough, worms, wounds, toothache, viral infections, blood pressure, thyroid dysfunction and fatigue. Cloves were also used to treat diseases such as malaria, cholera and tuberculosis.

The fight for Cloves

Clove Trees
Cloves are indigenous to volcanic islands of North Molucca, located in the eastern part of Indonesia. This major source of cloves was unknown until 16th century, when Portuguese discovered these islands.

During the 17th and 18th centuries both Dutch and Portuguese fought for cloves, and Dutch ultimately succeeded by destroying all the clove trees in all the islands, leaving only Dutch colonized island of Ambon.

Dutch monopoly lasted till 19th century following which cloves were cultivated in many tropical parts of the world such as Zanzibar, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Madagascar and Pakistan.

According to latest stats of FAOSTAT, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Indonesia and Madagascar were the largest world producers of cloves in the year 2013. With the support of Zanzibar government, Clove production is picking up in Zanzibar after 4 decades of decline.

Health benefits of Cloves

Dental Problems: Due to the anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties of clove, clove oil is widely used in dentistry. Clove oil contains eugenol which effectively relieves dental pain. It also serves as an analgesic and removes all the microbes present in that region of the tooth. Eugonol is also used for temporary filling of cavities.
Dental Clove Oil
Oils of clove can be rubbed against the sore tooth or gums to relieve toothache, and whole clove can be chewed to control bad breath. You can either apply clove oil mixed with olive oil directly on the affected area or chew whole clove.

But please keep in mind that clove oil should be used in limited quantities as excessive quantities can lead to burning sensation, nerve damage, seizures, vomiting, etc.

Respiratory Problems: Clove oil has a cooling and anti inflammatory effect. It clears the nasal passage. This expectorant is useful in various respiratory disorders including coughs, colds, bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, and tuberculosis. Chewing a clove bud eases sore throats.
Health benefits of cloves - Respiratory System
Asthma patients should take a mixture of 4–5 drops of clove oil mixed with 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 clove of crushed garlic, before going to bed.

Stress: Clove oil is an excellent stress reliever. It has a stimulating effect and removes mental exhaustion and fatigue. Clove oil also induces sleep and is helpful for insomnia patients. It is useful for treating mental problems such as loss of memory, depression and anxiety.

Acne Treatment: Antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of clove oil make it perfect for treating acne. Just follow a few simple steps and I am sure that your ance problems will vanish.

Start with cleansing your face. Then mix 1-2 drops of clove essential oil with 1 drop of cinnamon essential oil and 12 drops of jojoba, rosehip or wheatgerm oil. Apply this mixture on the acne affected area and gently massage the area for 1 minute so that your skin soaks the mixture. Use this twice a day in morning and before going to bed.

Infections: Due to the antiseptic properties of clove oil, it is useful in treating wounds, cuts, scabies, athlete’s foot, fungal infections, bruises, prickly heat, etc. It can also be used to relive insect bites and stings. Clove oil should always be used in diluted form and should not be used on sensitive skin.

Indigestion: Clove oil is a gastric stimulant and carminative. It is useful in nausea, indigestion and dyspepsia. It is also effective in other stomach related problems such as hiccups, motion sickness and flatulence. Follow these 3 simple steps to treat indigestion.
Uses of cloves - Indigestion
Fry 2 teaspoons of clove and add to 1 cup of boiling water. Steep for 30 minutes and drink 1 teaspoon of this solution 3–4 times a day.

Other Uses of Cloves

  1. Cloves are extensively used in cooking, especially in Indian food. Clove is also used to cook food products such as curry powder, sauces and baked foods.
  2. Cloves are used in making cosmetics such as creams, lotions and massage oils.
  3. Clove is also used in making special clove cigarettes.
  4. Due to its aroma, soothing effect and antiseptic properties cloves are also use in soaps.
  5. Clove oil is also used to make perfumes.

Where to buy cloves

Health benefits of Cloves
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Health Benefits of Cloves

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